Who is Pinksie?

Pinksie is a thought provoking project which began in London in 2012 with the purpose to teach children to celebrate diversity, be imaginative and assist and care for others.

Pinksie was born from the friendship between six women who believe that individuality and creativity should be nurtured in every child’s learning.

Pinksie's activities are inspired by the “Pinksie the Whale” books about a pink whale who through her adventures overcomes her fear of being different. 

Each year the Pinksie team works with schools, artists, galleries and museums, running creative workshops, exhibitions and readings with the added benefit that proceeds from fundraising events go to help chosen children’s charities and to keep funding  workshop for free in the school.


3 YEARS:  of incredible work 

3 BOOKS: 2 great Pinksie's adventures book

5 CITIES: London, Milano, Bergamo, Torino,  Be'er Sheva

18.000 CHILDREN: and their family we have worked with

280 ARTISTS: painters, sculpotrs, film makers, photographers, stylists, designers, illustrators, architects, musicians and writers...

70 SCHOOLS: English, Arab, Italians, Chinese, French, Swiss, Jewish... 

8 EXHIBITIONS: Royal College of Art,  Rose Lipman Building (London), Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Rotonda della Besana, Galleria Jannone, Museo Kartell (Milano) and GAMeC (Bergamo), Acquario Civico (Milano)

65.000 euro in aid of  4 children's CHARITY: Gosh, Associazione CAF Onlus, Lyla Nsouli Foundation

4 ART AUCTIONS  with Christie’s – UK and Sotheby’s - Italia to raise funds 

4 WORKSHOPS at EXPO - Expo Gate

1 BALLET with Accademia Teatro alla Scala Milano, Italy

3 FESTIVALS:  Book City (Milano), Festival della Mente (Sarzana) e Festival della Scienza (Bergamo)

1 CONCERT Pinksie Extravaganza Night with Charlotte Kelly from Soul2Soul, Paola Turci, Marco Glaviano and â€‹Camila Raznovich

20 pubblic reading, shows: bookstoresmuseums, art galleries on the street and at pubblic spaces – Londra, Milano, Bergamo

More than 160 articles on print: es. “The Guardian”, “Vogue”, “Vanity Fair”, “Marie Claire”, “Il Giornale”, “Corriere della Sera”, “La Repubblica” and “Internazionale”




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